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Etna Mobility takes you on a discovery of new itineraries that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the three Parks of eastern Sicily: Alcantara River Park, Etna Park and Nebrodi Park. Thanks to the proposed itineraries within these treasure chests of great naturalistic value, you will be able to admire the majesty of Europe’s highest volcano, taste the food and wine delicacies of the surrounding territories and visit the enchanted places of the Alcantara Gorges Botanical and Geological Park.


Etna Mobility accompanies you through the paths and trails of the most beautiful nature locations located in eastern Sicily.

Our agency was created to admire the beauty of the Alcantara Valley and the northern slope of Etna to the summit elevations. Comfortable and safe 4×4 off-road vehicles with trained personnel to discover incomparable places and atmospheres.

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Il Tuo Contenuto Va Qui

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Etna Mobility takes you through the trails and paths of the most beautiful Sicilian nature locations and beyond

Il Tuo Contenuto Va Qui


Etna Trekking

The trail allows you to visit the ruins of the birch tree hotel covered by lava and then to admire the craters whose eruption destroyed the entire tourist resort of Piano Provenzana.

Etna 3000

From Piano Provenzana, with the help of our all-terrain vehicles, we will accompany you along the northern slope of the volcano, among ancient craters and recent lava flows.

Etna Top Crater

Arriving at an altitude of 2965 m, the trekking ascent will begin together with the Volcanological Guides who will lead you to the summit to admire the large Central Crater of the volcano at 3300 m.

Etna Full Day

The eruption in real time

Experience the spectacle of the eruption in real time. Etnamobility takes you to an altitude of 3,000 meters to watch the eruption of Mount Etna Volcano in real time.

Etna Sunset

We will reach the viewpoint called: Punta Lucia, a suitable place to experience the magic and excitement of the sunset at altitude and the view of the Aeolian Islands.


Nature Trails

  • Alcantara Gorge Trail
  • Gallery tours
  • Tour of the Sorbera
  • Big mountain tour: The summit

Food and wine

  • Alcantara & wine

Etna Mobility Tour Operator aims to give the opportunity and make available to travelers the services that will allow them to discover smells, tastes, adventures, unforgettable landscapes and all that Happy Island has to offer in the Eco-sustainable and KM0 philosophy that characterizes Happy Island.

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